The way we unfold depends on our surroundings and on the insights that we gain in life.
We the Toupi-Group, a group of dedicated students with a variety of skills that help the children in their process of development. We want to accompany and support them by responding to their needs and leading them through challenging situations, from which they can draw the experience that is necessary for their progress.

Our concept, which has been developed by Fernando Andia, is a combination of fun, education and learning new skills. Our record has shown that the process of experiencing is necessary in order to memorize contents such as child rights, anti-harassment training and education for a sustainable development in the best possible way. Thereby we want to strengthen the sense of togetherness and create an environment in which learning is fun.

What characterizes us is the large number of trainers who perform the desired topic with the children and who are able to cover the various individual personalities in the class.
The initiative TOUPI-GROUP developed its origin in Kanner's League Luxembourg, which developed and conducted projects for teaching children's rights in schools. We continue these projects and are also pursuing the goal of supporting children in their development.
"Experience your rights 2.0" was developed out of an experience-based approach of Fernando Andia, which takes into account the special needs of children and their individual development. We engaged a psychologist who is counselling us in order to improve certain modules.


With him as the mentor and supervisor, a group of young, dynamic students of different disciplines (philosophy, psychology, teaching, law, education and business administration) are leading the projects.


Toupi Group a.s.b.l.

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Toupi Group a.s.b.l.

"Bildungsorganisation für Kinderrechte, Nachhaltigkeit und globale Entwicklung"

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