Cooperation Day with the Ashaninka tribe in the Peruvian rainforest.

All children should have equal rights, equal opportunities and be able to develop freely in their own way. In December 2015, the Toupi Group launched a cooperation with the Ashaninka-tribe in the Peruvian Amazon region. During the terrorism that began in the 1980s the tribe was torn apart from its usual life in harmony with nature.

The Ashaninkas have been wandering through the rainforest for half a year; being led to believe they had to hide from further attacks; traumatized and becoming nomadic. This time has clearly left its mark on the tribe and especially on children whose childhood was affected by violence, escape and losses.

When we first go to meet the tribe in December, we saw how little they believed in themselves; how they assumed they would be unable to learn. We performed a similar workshop as we do in German and Luxembourgish schools, which worked pretty well. Now a first connection has been established and further workshops are planned for the future.

The goal of our workshop is to make the children aware of their rights. They should recognize what it means to defend themselves against abuse and violence and to live  a self-determined life.

Another goal will be, that the tribe also does not lose its identity due to the comparison with the townspeople, and realizes that its original way of living in harmony with nature is very valuable and it must not be left behind just because others live differently.


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